We increasing energy storage capacity x5 times

We have developed unique anode materials based on specific types of Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)  which will increase battery capacity more than 5x times.

For example, now battery in smartphone must be charged almost every day, the same battery produced with our anode material will be charged once in a week.

Our anode materials suitable for all types of batteries in smart devices, electro cars and many others energy storages.

Our electrode materials based on Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)  allow achieving capacities significantly more compared to that of current commercial solutions. CNTs have great potential for electrochemical applications due to their high specific surface area, high conductivity, excellent mechanical characteristics, high polarizability and the possibility of chemical functionalization to provide better interaction with electrolyte ions.

Significantly increasing energy storage capacity (more than x5 times) will create great competitive advantages for our customers – producers of energy storages and anode materials. New available capacity which is much higher than ever before can lead electrical energy storages to wider markets and even new applications.

We are looking for industrial partners and investors to produce an industrial prototype of the complete battery and move our technology to the market.

Līguma Nr. IZ-L-2019/36 un tā noslēgšanas datums 05.06.2019

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